Steven Vs. J.LO

It’s pop against rock as the new American Idol judges go head to head…
Wednesday , 16 February 2011
Steven Vs. J.LO
Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez

Despite making a major comeback on our screens with the prestigious role as judge on the hit reality show American Idol, Jennifer Lopez is said to be furious that fellow panellist Steven Tyler is getting more attention.

Desperate to revive her fierce Jenny Form The Block persona, the Latino diva is reportedly unhappy with how the show is focusing on the Aerosmith frontman and not her. A source spilled, “This was meant to be Jennifer’s big comeback. The entire re-branding of the show was built around her, but now it’s all about Steven 24/7. She’s mystified at how this happened and has made it clear to the producers that the cameras need to spend a more time adoring Jennifer’s favourite idol – herself!”

While it’s rumoured there could be a battle of egos, as was the case with former judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, Steven has been quick to play that down, reaping praise on his co-star. Suggesting the sense of rivalry is one sided, he gushed, “First and foremost, she’s a lady and she’s not afraid to show that at any given time.” Adding, “She’s ridiculous. You know, she’s exactly what I thought she’d be. She’s street.”

It’s this laid back attitude that has helped the ageing rock become such a success. Even though the star recently forced producers to air a public apology for his “outrageous behaviour,” his antics have made him the most popular judge. And his Idol success has even seen Aerosmith music sales increase by 250 per cent.

An insider revealed, “I see why Steven is getting so much hype. He’s hilarious!”

Another source added, “Simon’s absence hasn’t been as impactful as expected because Steven Tyler has been a badly needed burst of fresh air. And that has happened because Tyler is doing what Ellen was supposed to do a year ago – add fun to the programme.”

Unsure of why he’s so popular Steven joked in a recent press conference, “I’m just bringing my Italian on how to work a room, Aunt Phyllis honesty, 40 years as front guy in Aerosmith who’s judged the hell out of himself and kind of made a good career out of it, and with hopes to find some kids in America here for American Idol to take the stage and no more, no less.”

But with all the praise surrounding the Walk This Way singer, J.Lo is being left out. “It’s been Steven Tyler’s season so far on American Idol – the facial expressions, the outfits, the basic gifts of decency and wisdom. Sometimes it’s been tough to remember that the show’s other new judge, Jennifer Lopez, was meant to be the bigger draw,” insisted a showbiz source who simply referred to Jennifer’s presence as “radiant.” While the battle of top judge continues in this new season, it’s evident that Steven is clearly in the lead.

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