Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Wore Fake Beard to Disney World

29 Oct 2012

Steven Tyler's daughter Chelsea has revealed her dad used to wear a fake beard to Disney World so he wouldn't be recognised by his fans

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler used to wear a fake beard to Disney World so his fans wouldn't recognise him.

The Lover Alot singer's 23-year-old daughter Chelsea - who Steven had with his second wife, clothing designer Teresa Barrick - has revealed her rock star dad would always disguise himself when he took her the world famous theme park.

Chelsea, who has a 21-year-old brother Taj, admits she never understood what he was doing as a child, but now realises it was her father's only way of avoiding Aerosmith fans.

She told Ocean Drive magazine: ''I didn't quite understand why we'd go to Disney World and my dad had to wear a fake beard and a big hat, and keep his head down. I was trying to go on rides.''

The stunning model admits she found it hard to come to terms with the celerity status of her rock star dad - who was previously a judge on American Idol - when she was in her teens but she is now comfortable with the attention having such a famous father brings.

Chelsea explained: ''I didn't want the extra attention. But now I don't care ... I totally embrace it.''

Twice married Steven has two other children, Liv, 35, from a relationship with model Bebe Buell, and Mia, 34, from his marriage to Cyrinda Foxe.

He has been engaged to Erin Brady since December 2011.