Steven Tyler Seriously Injured

Aerosmith star hospitalised after shower incident
Tuesday , 25 October 2011
Steven Tyler Seriously Injured
Steven Tyler

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been hospitalised in
Paraguay after suffering a nasty fall in his hotel bathroom.

The rocker was taken to the emergency room in Asuncion on
Tuesday (25 October) after slipping in the shower and cutting his face. He also
received dental implants for two teeth lost in the accident.

Steven spent three hours under the care of doctors before
returning to his hotel to recover reported the ABC. After the incident Steven’s
reps said the Aerosmith concert planned for Tuesday was postponed by one day.

The news has left fans more than a little concerned
because Steven underwent a rehab stint in late 2009 for pain management.

The last time he took a tumble from a stage in South Dakota
the band was forced to scrap a 2009 summer tour. He later quit the band to
pursue a solo career.

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