Steve-O Arrested for SeaWorld Stunt

The reality TV star gets into more trouble
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 10 August 2015
Steve-O Arrested for SeaWorld Stunt
Steve-O uploaded this pic on FB a short while before his stunt

Prankster Steve-O has been arrested for climbing a construction crane in Los Angeles in another SeaWorld protest.

The Jackass star alerted fans of his plans by telling them to follow a livestream on his Facebook page to see him do a "big dangerous stunt" that will "get me in a lot of trouble" in protest at the attraction's alleged treatment of marine life.

Footage on his page shows the prankster entering a construction site and climbing up some metal poles. The coverage resumes when he is at the top of the 100 foot high crane, pumping air into an inflatable whale toy emblazoned with the words "SeaWorld Sucks".

He shows fans the police cars approaching, saying, "How many cops do we have, One... two... I saw a bunch, we definitely have their attention."

Another footage shows him attaching the inflatable whale to the crane and letting off fireworks. Steve-O shared one final video from the evening, captioned "Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?"

According to reports, a team of firefighters and police rushed to the scene to prepare an air cushion in case he fell or jumped, and Steve-O was arrested when he voluntarily came down from the crane.

He was taken to a Hollywood jail and Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant Michael Ling told the Los Angeles Times they expected him to be booked on suspicion of trespassing, setting a firework without a permit, and conspiracy to commit a crime but they were investigating which counts apply to the incident.

Last year as well he was fined for vandalising a SeaWorld sign by the side of a highway in California.

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