Stephanie Sebjornsen

Hattan, Arabian Ranches, Dubai
Tuesday , 02 July 2013

A good balance of yin and yang is perhaps what makes this house such a special home. Having spent many years living in China, Stephanie, who hails from Scotland, and her Norwegian husband, were keen to get the feng shui right when they renovated this villa back in 2007. “We wanted to bring the outside in – hence the enormous sliding doors that lead straight from the lounge into the garden,” said Stephanie. Water was also key to achieving this soothing life balance, with a long pool right outside the back door. “I love seeing the water when we’re sitting in the lounge,” she says. “It creates such a wonderful ambience.”

Inside is also heavily influenced by their Asian adventures, with striking pieces of furniture each telling a story. This is particularly true of the tall cabinet that Stephanie’s husband discovered in a dusty back office in the Chinese countryside. Transported back to Shanghai, it was restored to its former glory. Similarly, the Mongolian chairs that sit either side of the cabinet are genuine hunters’ chairs that fold up to enable them to be hung on the hunters’ horses, ever ready for when they want to take a break.

A table from Indonesia takes pride of place in the dining room – seating 10, it’s ideal for entertaining. “We’ve had this table for years and it just seems to work in every house we’ve lived in,” says Stephanie.