Step Aside, Kim Kardashian! Kendall Jenner is Here

At just 16, Kendall Jenner's rocking the world of fashion. We like!
Thursday , 20 September 2012
Step Aside, Kim Kardashian! Kendall Jenner is Here
Kendall Jenner

Sorry, Kim Kardashian, but it’s only ever a matter of time before this fickle world loses interest in one star and switches its focus to another. Still, it’s got to hurt when that new starlet is your younger, slimmer, prettier little sister. All hail fashion’s new darling, Kendall Jenner – at sweet 16 she’s already a veteran reality star, and has just launched her acting career while cutting a striking figure in fashion editorials. This month, she’s the cover star of Genlux magazine and with a face like that, we’re not surprised! Love her.

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