Steak Sandwich

30 Nov 2011

Tuck into the comfort food at At.Mosphere

80gr Black Angus beef sirloin
80gm Wagyu beef sirloin
20g Fontina cheese
1 sundried tomato and lemon
country bread roll
60gr caramelised onions
10g garlic
20g pommery mustard
10g piquillo pepper mayonnaise
30gm rocket leaves
30gr purple potato chips
50gr mesclun salad
10gr lemon dressing
20g bordier butter

1. The beef is sliced finely and then grilled very quickly, before removing add the onions which have been caramelised with a little garlic and finished with pommery mustard.
2. The bun is brushed with bordier butter and toasted before adding a little piquillo pepper mayonnaise.
3. The steak is then added on the bun with the cheese and toasted under the salamander, we finally add the rocket leaves and the top.
4. The sandwich is sliced and served with the chips, meclun salad.