Steak 'N Shake's First Restaurant in The Dubai Mall

18 Aug 2013

The American steakburger chain Steak 'N Shake will start serving this week in The Dubai Mall

We love a burger, the UAE loves a burger and it's a good thing because new joints serving up the marvellous patty and bun combo seem to be opening constantly. The latest addition to the scene is Steak 'N Shake, which is setting itself apart by making patties featuring top-quality sirloin steak that's free of any additives, ground inhouse and made by hand.They're not skimping on the toppings either with freshly made guacamole, vine-ripened tomatoes and 100 per cent American cheese.Combinations on the menu include the grilled Portobello mushroom and Swiss cheese burger, and the jalapeno crunch steakburger with pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo, jalepenos, salsa and crispy fried onions. That's quite a mouthful!

The shakes that make up the second half of its moniker include classics like vanilla and chocolate, and more impressive varieties such as cookie dough and peanut butter cup.

INFO: Steak 'N Shake opened 15 August in The Dubai Mall.