Stay Hydrated on a Run

Find out the right quantity of water you need to drink when you're training for that marathon
Drink up!
Drink up!
Victoria Roper
Victoria Roper

Q. How much water do you need to drink when you’re running a half marathon or marathon? Daisy, 34

A. You need to find the balance between staying hydrated and not diluting your body’s electrolytes and disturbing the natural salt balance. Even the most seasoned runners can sometimes find this one hard. Latest studies simply tell you to drink when you are thirsty. This is normally about 200ml to 400ml of water per hour of running. This is approximate. If you are running for more than an hour, sports rehydration drinks should be consumed to replenish glycogen stores. Victoria

Victoria Roper, BSc Sports Therapy. She can help you work your way back to fitness.

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