Stars React in Horror to Deadly Mass Shooting in Florida

A host of celebs have expressed their grief over Orlando, Florida tragedy
Monday , 13 June 2016
Stars React in Horror to Deadly Mass Shooting in Florida

Julianne Moore, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Olivia Wilde are demanding US lawmakers act now to tighten gun laws after at least 50 people died in a Florida club massacre on Sunday.

Authorities have named Omar Saddiqui Mateen as the suspect who opened fire with an assault weapon at hotspot Pulse in the early hours of Sunday, killing 50 and injuring 53 others.

The tragedy, now dubbed the deadliest mass shooting in US history, has prompted outcry among gun control activists, including Oscar winner Julianne, who took to Twitter to express her horror at the latest mass shooting incident to rock the US. "How many people have to be killed before we act as a nation to #EndGunViolence?" she asked, before calling on followers to lobby politicians to enact change. "Email or call your Representative and ask them why they have done nothing to #EndGunViolence #Orlando".

Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis echoed Julianne's sentiments, posting: "Thoughts go out to everyone who lost their lives and suffered in #PulseNightclubShooting #Orlando Beyond sad. #StifferGunLaws please", while singer and new dad John Legend wrote, "Horrified by the mass shooting in Orlando. When will we do something to prevent these killing sprees?".

Pregnant Olivia Wilde tweeted: "Madness. Hideous and cruel madness. To the survivors, and families of those slain, I'm so sorry. #StopGunViolence", as Christina Applegate exclaimed: "Oh my gosh! My heart is broken. Why do we keep doing this?", and Reese Witherspoon added: "I'm heartbroken by this tragedy. Praying for Orlando and the suffering created by this senseless violence."

"Love love love and absolute sadness to those families of those lost to the insanity," wrote Game of Thrones star Lena Headey, who added multi-coloured heart emojis to her post and the hashtag "#GunControlNow". And Alec Baldwin mused: "I don't have anything original here. Just, what's it going to take to bring us sensible policies? #Orlando"

Ariana Grande stated, "So. Much. Violence. It hurts my heart. Sending as much light and love as I possibly can to anyone and everyone I can possibly reach." Tributes to the shooting victims also came from celebrities including The Hangover star Ed Helms, actress Melissa Joan Hart, Kings of Leon rocker Nathan Followill, singer Toni Braxton, Hayley Williams from Paramore, actor John Leguizamo, and Khloe Kardashian.

Police chiefs are investigating the club horror as an act of terrorism, suggesting 29-year-old Mateen, who was killed in a subsequent shootout with cops, had "leanings towards" radical teachings. 

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