Stars Pay Tribute to the Late Tony Scott

20 Aug 2012

John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and other A-listers share their condolences

Stars have been flocking to pay their respects to Top Gun director Tony Scott, after he allegedly committed suicide by jumping off a bridge on Sunday.

First up was Tom Cruise, who described the 68-year-old as a "creative visionary" and a "dear friend" in a statement. Nicole Kidman has also expressed her heartache, saying,  "I'm so so sad. I loved Tony and he was always so good to me. He will be deeply missed by so many of us that knew him."

John Travolta, who starred in Scott's action thriller The Taking of Pelham, revealed the filmmaker was "one of my favourite directors I've ever worked with", while Revenge star Kevin Costner said, "Tony was one of the good guys. He was a man's man who lived life as hard and as full as anyone I've ever met, but there was always a sweetness to his toughness. He was truly in love with his profession, and he is already missed."

Former child star Dakota Fanning, added, "It is difficult to find the right words to express the sadness I feel. I had the privilege of working with Tony on the film Man on Fire and that experience helped to shape the actor and person I am today. Tony was a visionary with an adventurous spirit and a huge heart. Thank you, Tony. I will never forget your kindness to me and I will always cherish our memories together. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, especially his wife Donna and their two sons."

So far Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Keira Knightley and Brigitte Nielsen have also paid their respects.

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