Stars in crisis

28 Oct 2008

Ahlan! reveals the family, love and career crises facing Jennifer, Lindsay and Sienna…

Round two

Jennifer’s love gamble
Following their much publicised split in July, Jennifer is back in the arms of Hollywood playboy, John Mayer, after the pair began calling and texting each other again, last month.

But the actress, who last week denied a baby was the reason for the reconciliation, with her rep saying, “Give me a break. She is not pregnant,” has ground rules for their
new relationship.

Path to marriage
With sources saying John was sending Jen daily romantic emails, an insider revealed, “She said she’d only take him back if they got married, and he agreed. They both know this is it. She wants to settle down, and finally, so does he.”

Baby talks

Although Jen’s insisted she is not pregnant, insiders are agreed that part of the deal regarding the reconciliation, involved a discussion about their future family plans.

“They’ve talked about a family, and John said he couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone but her,” spilled a pal.

And the National Enquirer reports that the couple’s decision meant a PDA-packed date in Boston last week, where they were “very

‘Shut up’ rule For John
Jen is said to have been mortified when John spoke out about their break-up to paparazzi on a New York street, saying, “I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right.” And this time around she’s insisted on a ‘privacy rule’.

“Jen is fanatical about keeping her relationships private,” an insider spilled. “She told him she wanted to get back together too, but no more street-corner press conferences and blogging about her.” And pals say John agreed to her terms.

Ready to wed

Sienna wants a proposal
Still feeling the chill of her ‘homewrecker’ tag, Sienna Miller, who has quit London for the US, is said to be desperately waiting on boyfriend Balthazar Getty to propose.

A bike… not a ring
The 26-year-old was left raging when Balthazar presented her with a gift last week. Expecting a ring and proposal, the actress was, say pals, furious
to receive a bike instead.

“Balthazar spent nearly $7,000 (Dhs25,000) on a custom Seven Cycles bicycle built for two and thought he could charm Sienna with it,” said a friend. “But she shrieked at him for being unromantic.”

Career saving move

With three of her movies currently languishing on the shelf with their release dates pushed back, Sienna is more aware than ever of her image problem and unpopularity.

Jetting into the UK last week to attend the Frieze Art Fair in London, sources at the bash revealed she “got a round of dirty looks from the other exhibition goers.”

“The bottom line is that nothing is going to satisfy her until a marriage proposal comes out of his mouth,” added an insider. “Sienna is getting impatient!”

Acting out

Lindsay in turmoil
Lindsay Lohan is struggling to cope after a series of bust-ups with Sam, and trouble on the set of Ugly Betty.

Bored with Sam?
The minute they took their relationship public, 22-year-old Lindsay and Sam were at each other’s throats, say close pals. Sources say Sam begrudges losing her privacy, and the DJ was livid when Lindsay “threw herself” at Gossip Girl hunk, Chace Crawford at a NY party recently.

“She was standing in such a way that some part of her body was always touching him – at one point hip to hip,” revealed The Sun. “She was also giving him the filthiest looks, whispering in his ear, and turning everything he said into an innuendo.”

Ugly Betty Brawl
Sources on the set of Ugly Betty have reported Lindsay and America Ferrera loathe one another amid allegations of diva behaviour and excessive entourages.

“America couldn’t handle Lindsay stealing her thunder,” insisted a source. While another said, “Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage.” Adding, “[Lindsay would] obsessively cut pictures of herself out of the tabloids and refused to go on set until America
was there.”