Starbucks Staff Focus on Good Deeds

Community initiatives continue through the summer months
Starbucks Staff Focus on Good Deeds
Starbucks staff set off for a can collection

Those cheery people who make our Starbucks Frappucinos are not letting the summer stop their
community activities. In a Go Green initiative with kids from Dubai British
School, they collected more than 2,500 drink cans, which were sent to Emirates
Environmental Group (EEG) for recycling. The school also collaborated with
Starbucks to learn about planting as a way of encouraging care for the
environment. In an interactive classroom exercise, kids learnt how to plant
indoor and outdoor plants – and added old Starbucks coffee grounds to the earth
as an additional nutrient!

Starbucks also partnered with Abu Dhabi Community School
to upgrade the school’s library, donating books and refurbishing the student’s
study area.

Since the Community Connections began three years ago,
Starbucks staff have delivered more than 170 projects throughout the Middle
East. It’s nice to know that the people who keep our caffeine topped up are also working
towards a better society.