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18 Apr 2012

This week’s must-haves at UAE beauty counters

Dolce & Gabbana Voluptuous Lipstick in Only Monica (80)
For a brief moment we thought this lipstick was referencing Monica Lewinsky but when we stopped laughing we realised our fave designers are in fact paying homage to Monica Bellucci. With that pout, who could blame them?
This moisture-rich lipstick lasts and nourishes and while we can’t guarantee it attracting presidents, it’s bound to draw attention to your pout. Fabulously flirty – and so typically D&G. Worth every dirham.
INFO: Available in six shades of red from May at Paris Gallery in The Dubai Mall and at Abu Dhabi Marina Mall.

CK One Summer
Looking for your signature summer scent? When the original CK One was first released back in 1994, it became the fragrance of the season, spurning a trend for unisex scents. This nostalgia-churning number shows why the brand has longevity and could just become synonymous with this year’s holiday romances the world over. With a twist of mint, lime, cucumber and a few other cocktail ingredients, plus driftwood, sandalwood and bergamot, we’ll all be swooning.
INFO: Available at beauty counters throughout the UAE.

The Reparative Lotion From La Mer
The makers of legendary Creme de la Mer bring you the body lotion of all body lotions. To recap, many years past one clever Dr Huber harvested kelp and fermented it with other wonder ingredients until, after 12 years and 6,000 experiments, he perfected the nutrient-rich "Miracle Broth" women go crazy for. It's the source of La Mer's powers and lies at the heart of every La Mer product, including this one. The first thing that hits you as you rub it in is the sea-fresh scent, and the bold claim in the directions - "so deeply and lastingly hydrating, daily usage may be unnecessary" - is so deeply and lastingly reassuring we will spend our wages on this and enjoy every silky stroke.
INFO: Available at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai; Bloomingdale's, The Dubai Mall; Salam Studios, Wafi Mall, Dubai; and Paris Gallery stores throughout the UAE.

MAC Naturally Mineralize SkinFinish Powder
Mineral makeup is better for your skin, it even helps block harmful sun rays – meanwhile this pick-of-the-week product gives a sun-blushed glow. It’s more subtle than a bronzer and sexier than a standard blusher and comes in ‘Blonde’ (pictured) and also ‘Redhead’. Get down to a MAC boutique now and try it for yourself while stocks last – it’s limited edition and not to be missed.
INFO: Available at MAC boutiques across the UAE.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in Rouge Poppy (10)
Dhs 39
Speed up home manicures with this one-stroke lacquer. In reality you may need two strokes per nail (especially on thumbs), but it still offers a swift mani with minimum fuss thanks to the gel silicone-enriched texture that helps it glide on easily, and there are 14 shades to choose from, ranging from a subdued blue to this orange-red. Perfect for the girl who does her nails on the go.
INFO: Available at Faces, Boots and Lifestyle stores

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