Stand up for your skin with The Body Shop's Matte Clay Foundation

Stand up for your skin with The Body Shop's Matte Clay Foundation

28 Sep 2017

Why this new vegan-friendly product is topping our shopping list right now

Feeling totally let down by your foundation? Don't worry, we feel you. Luckily, The Body Shop is on a mission to help you feel your beautiful best, with or without make-up, and they’ve created an exciting new foundation that does just that. Their new Matte Clay Foundation is 24-hour breathable AND 100 percent vegan. Winner!

This foundation is 100 percent vegan

With the ‘no make-up’ look having its moment all over again on the SS17 catwalks, natural-looking, effortlessly flawless skin is in high demand. Mimicking the barely-there look with foundation can be tricky. It can also mean bad news for your pores.

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So here’s the problem. Your skin breaks out, you conceal it with high-coverage foundation for a confidence boost, but that foundation clogs your pores and sometimes makes matters worse. The more you break out, the more foundation you tend to use, and the cycle becomes impossible to break.

Stand up for your skin with The Body Shop's Matte Clay Foundation

Specially formulated to clear your skin while it covers thanks to the healing properties of natural Tea Tree, Matte Clay Foundation delivers the best of both worlds so you can take back control of your skin. It perfects with 24-hour coverage while purifying skin, combatting shine and allowing skin to breathe – an exciting new make-up must-have, particularly for oily complexions.

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The Body Shop is here to stand up for your skin!

Matte Clay Foundation is a longwearing, super-light and breathable foundation that promotes clearer-looking skin. That’s not all. It’s also 100 percent vegan, infused with purifying Tea Tree, enriched with mattifying ghassoul clay, non-comodogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

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