Stairway to Hot Legs

01 Mar 2013

Burn 250 calories in just 20 minutes by toning your entire lower half – with our no-gym required plan

For instant proof of this workout’s power, sprint up a flight of stairs. Winded? Read on. Steps are a super-efficient cardio tool that everyone has access to yet few utilise. So personal trainer Amy Fouchey Reilly designed a routine to put them to good use. You’ll climb and descend for 20 minutes, working your legs, butt and core in the process. Training on an incline requires more energy than moving on even ground, and by varying your speed and direction, you’ll crank up that calorie burn even higher – into the double-digits-per-minute territory. Try this workout today (you can do it wherever there are steps) and discover why, in the quest for the leaner body, it always pays to take the stairs.

BOOTY BOOSTER: Curtsy Raise – stand on bottom step, facing upstairs, feet together and hands on hips. Step back and to the left with right foot and bend knees. Rise up as you extend right leg out to side, foot flexed. Return to starting position. Switch sides after 30 seconds.