Spyware alert: Your WhatsApp may be at risk

Spyware alert: Your WhatsApp may be at risk

18 Jan 2018

Conversations, images, this software can hack it all

WhatsApp users beware!

Security experts have warned smartphone owners of a software that has the capability to read conversations, take images and record video and audio. Named Skygofree, it has been described as one of the most advanced forms of malware to ever exist.

How does it reach users? The tool is spread through fake mobile operator websites, where it is disguised as an update to improve mobile internet speed.

As of now, researchers have reported that only smartphone owners in Italy have been affected by Skygofree, but other markets including the UAE are still at risk. Whatsapp, the Facebook-owned app has a huge following in the country, and is one of the most popular mobile apps worldwide.

Kasperky Internet Solutions has shared the following tips to help protect users, reports Gulf News:

  • Install apps only from official stores. It’s wise to disable installation of apps from third-party sources, which you can do in your smartphone settings.
  • If in doubt, don’t download. Pay attention to misspelled app names, small numbers of downloads, or dubious requests for permissions — any of these things should raise flags.
  • Install a reliable security solution. This will protect your device from most malicious apps and files, suspicious websites, and dangerous links. In the free version scans must be run manually; the paid version scans automatically.

Make sure to be careful when downloading apps or updating your devices, in this day and age everyone is at risk!