Sprocket in my pocket

A portable, wireless printer that prints in seconds straight from your phone and is inkless? Say hello to HP Sprocket
ByEllen KerryWednesday , 28 June 2017
Sprocket in my pocket
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We enlisted the help of three of the UAE’s coolest influencers, Mo Vlogs, Rashid Belhasa and Fashion Pirate, to put the new HP Sprocket portable printer to the test. What did they think? Well, in a nutshell, they all LOVED it...

Insta handle: @mo_vlogs_
Followers: 786k

What do you think of the HP Sprocket?
I think it’s really cool. Honestly, I am really into gadgets. I love that there’s no ink required. You just put the paper in, connect via Bluetooth to your handset, and go. 
How will it fit into your life?
When I’m out and about with friends, I can’t wait to show people. But I know my mates will end up wanting me to print extra pictures! I think I’m probably going to make a wall of fame of amazing cars with the Sprocket. 
How did you get into vlogging?
I used to watch a lot of vloggers and I just ended up feeling inspired. I used to have a gaming channel but with that it’s difficult to travel because you always need your gaming kit. With vlogging, it’s so much easier. 
What is it about vlogging that you love the most?
Meeting new people! That’s the cool part.
Where are your fave places to visit in Dubai?
I love waterparks. I really like the slides with glass doors underneath your feet that suddenly open. Trying amazing food is a must in Dubai. I often visit Salt Bae and vlog him.
Insta handle: @fashion_pirate
Followers: 631k
Are you into the HP Sprocket?
I really like it; it’s very useful. I’m thinking of using it as part of my wedding. I’m hoping to do a friendship tree so people can take photos, print them using the HP Sprocket, and hang them on the tree with a memory written on the back. 
You have built your own fashion website (fashionpirate.co.uk). What are your top tips for anyone looking to do the same? 
Keep getting inspired! You need to have a vision. Don’t get distracted, and try to stay focussed. And make sure you have a clear identity. It’s all about starting with baby steps and growing your brand steadily. Do pop-up shopping events if you can, encourage good word-of-mouth.
How did your brand start?
My plan was to have a shop where I would sell everything I love. Which is never-ending because I am always finding new things to love! 
Describe your style…
I’m an urban streetwear kind of girl. Yes, I like heels, but if I can get away with wearing a pair of adidas Stan Smiths, I will. Baggy pants, my fiancé’s T-shirt, sneakers – that’s my happy outfit.
You travel a lot. Where has been the best place?
The south of Italy. It’s where my fiancé proposed. We took some insane pictures. You don’t have to make an effort; you wake up in the morning and see the most beautiful sights. The Sprocket is ideal for holidays. You can save lovely memories. Just put the printed photos in your pocket or wallet. 
Insta handle: @rsbelhasa
Followers: 557k
What’s your fave thing about the HP Sprocket?
I like it! It’s different. Before, you needed a camera and had to develop pictures. Now you can do it from your phone, anywhere. It’s cool. It’s ink-free, too. Technology is getting better every year. 
What are you most excited to use it for?
With celebrities! I can take a selfie with them and then ask them to autograph the image. I’m going to create a wall of celebrity pictures.
Who visits you most often?
Tyga has visited a lot. He’s nice. I’d really like Michael Jordan to visit. He’s a legend! I really want to meet him. He hasn’t been to Dubai yet. 
What do you love about Dubai?
Everybody wants to come to Dubai now because it’s the best place in the world. It’s clean, safe and there are so many opportunities. 
You have a lot of trainers. Which are your most Instagrammable pair?
Definitely my Yeezys. Everybody loved them because they’re so hyped. They’re actually really comfortable. I have six or seven pairs.
Sprocket lets you create 5x7.6cm stickable snapshots virtually anywhere. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone then print colorful, smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant photos.
INFO: Dhs499, available at Sharaf DG, hp.com

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