Spotify Is Coming To The UAE Soon!

Accessing music will be easier than ever
ByPallavi Melwani Sunday , 23 September 2018
Spotify Is Coming To The UAE Soon!
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It has been revealed that music streaming service Spotify will finally be launching in the Middle East and North Africa

This November onwards, the UAE will have access to Spotify alongside existing music platforms, Apple Music and Anghami.

What took them so long? Well...  Industry analysts in the Arab World have suggested that music licensing issues may have delayed the music streaming service's launch.

Currently, Spotify is available in over 65 countries. However, it continues to be unavailable in a number of key areas, including India, Russia, and most of Africa.

With its increased availability and new launches, Morgan Stanley predicts that Spotify will have 53 million paid subscribers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa alone, compared with just 11 million this year. 

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