Spoof Show Burning Love

Jennifer Aniston's panda suit-wearing cameo, plus lots more star power makes this our new TV fave
Tuesday , 19 June 2012
Spoof Show Burning Love
Jen didn’t wow the gents with her panda suit!

We admit to watching The Bachelor from time to time, but our new obsession, Burning Love, a spoof of the American dating show, is even better! The web series, which airs weekly on Yahoo! and is produced by funnyman Ben Stiller, packs some major star power with Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman and even Jennifer Aniston making cameos!

Jen starred in the show’s second episode, where she turned up as a contestant wearing a panda suit! She’s turned away by the topless fireman bachelor, and told that her “flame is out”, but when she goes to sulk in the limo, she rips off her panda head and reveals her true identity. Jen mutters, “Maybe the bear suit wasn’t such a good idea.” Maybe not, but showing off her well-honed comedic chops sure is!

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