"Spice Girls Are Bitchy"

22 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Cheryl Cole slams her girl band rivals

Girls Aloud star CHERYL COLE has slammed the Spice Girls, branding them "bitchy".

The singer shot to stardom in 2002 after winning a place in the band through British TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals and is currently a judge on UK reality series The X Factor.

And Chez reveals she finds it infuriating when pop hopefuls tell her they want to become "the new Spice Girls."

She tells Britain's Attitude magazine, "I think 'p**s off!' We've been around for six years - they were around for 18 months!

"We recognise what the Spice Girls did, but it really annoys me when you meet the girls who go: 'We wannabe the next Spice Girls.'

"Yes, they had worldwide domination, but they fell out, bitched about each other and went their separate ways. We've been around all this time, fighting to climb each step of the ladder, putting our hearts into everything."

The Spice Girls enjoyed global success after releasing 1996 single Wannabe, going on to sell more than 55 million records worldwide before splitting in 2001. They performed a series of reunion shows around the world last year with the tour concluding in February.

Girls Aloud have dominated the UK charts over the last six years, with 18 top 10 singles and five albums in the UK charts since their formation.