Spencer Pratt

Spencer: 'I'll ruin Heidi'

22 Aug 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Reality TV star says he’ll release sex tape if the price is right

Spencer Pratthas left his estranged wife Heidi Montagseething with anger and terrified for her future, after approaching distribution companies in the US, claiming he has a sex tape of the pair of them.

Spencer, who approached Vivid Entertainment, demanding $5 million (Dhs18 million) for the collection of tapes he says “will knock Club Jenna out of the water” – referring to notorious porn star, Jenna Jameson’s popular website.
And bizarrely, Spencer is under the impression he’s doing his fame-hungry, soon-to-be ex-wife a favour, by upping her celeb status if he goes ahead and releases it.

“When I realised how much Kim [Kardashian] was making, my logic is this is the best thing I can do for my ex-wife,” insisted Spencer. “Kim is on the cover of Allure magazine right now. Heidi isn’t on the cover of Allure.”

Saying he has an “entire website’s” worth of forage of himself and Heidi – both before and after her famous 10 cosmetic surgeries – sources claim the former Hills bad boy is bribing Heidi with the tape, telling her, “Either do another reality show with me or ‘'m going to release amazing sexual content.”
And according to the man himself, Heidi is “freaking out because she doesn’t want to do reality TV anymore.”

Erm, because she has so many other offers on the table, right now?

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