Sparkling Chic from Dryberg/Kern

Here's a sneak peek at the brand's A/W '12 collection. Discover the themes – minimal, vintage and even reptilian!
Monday , 03 September 2012
Shimmer and shine with Dryberg/Kern
Shimmer and shine with Dryberg/Kern
Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
Time to sparkle
Time to sparkle

you like your jewellery packed with as much attitude as style, you'll
appreciate the classy and edgy creations from Dryberg/Kern.

Founded by Gitte Dryberg and Henning Kern, the Danish brand is all about jewellery that celebrates style, image, dreams, and beauty. Want to get in on the vibe? Discover Dryberg/Kern's A/W '12 collection with us...

Minimal celebrates Danish modern design with clean
and cool  jewellery that'll take you from
day to night. The styles in stainless steel include simple, long baguette
earrings; stackable, steel bracelets; simple crystal rings. Minimal comes in a rose
gold finish, a glam yellow golden look, a a stainless steel and a dramatic gun
metal – all designed to match your everyday outfits.

Chain Reaction gives you cool metal
chains, chunky statement rings, super cool earrings, rows of heavy metal
bracelets, cool chokers and long cool sautoir chains.

Vintage has larger-than-life jewellery pieces including
lush cocktail rings, party earrings, heavy chain chokers and bracelets. It features
a dramatic black gun metal finish along with the classic antique golden and
silver look.

Reptilian tempts you to surrender to
jewellery that twines around your body in the form of large hoop earrings,
slender bangles, and rings. With snake eyes sparkling with crystals, be sure to
make heads turn. Reptilian comes in a golden or silvery finish.

Ovaline is a modern line of stainless steel jewellery,
richly decorated with tiny glittering Swarovski crystals in a contemporary
setting. It comes in a polished steel version and a golden version; each with
tone-in-tone crystals. Choose between two sizes of cocktail rings, necklaces in
two lengths, and a bracelet with crochet details.

Plus, they've got "jewellery that tells time"! Check out  Dryberg/Kern's designs ranging from sporty and leisurely time pieces to elegant and sparkling evening watches.


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