Spaceboards Banned in Qatar Malls

The new craze causes complaints around the country
Sunday , 06 September 2015
Spaceboards Banned in Qatar Malls
Spaceboards are now banned in some malls

If you’re looking to purchase the spaceboards that have taken the world by storm, don’t bother. After recent complaints about the gadgets, many malls in Qatar have banned shoppers from using these boards as they are a danger to the public. Malls like Ezdan, Villaggio, Landmark and Dar Al Salaam malls have installed signs that warn customers that these are now banned from being used.

“We are facing problems because children were hitting other people and bumping in to them” said Zahid Iqbal, the operations manager at Dar Al Salaam mall. “We found children were going very fast on these boards, bumping in to people and were going down travelators on them.”

Other malls, however, plan to open parkour playgrounds where users of the board can stay in a dedicated area where they won’t be able to cause a distraction for other shoppers in the mall.

The spaceboards have grown especially with celebs like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj using them on Instagram and Snapchat.

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