You won't believe how much Dubai residents paid to fly into space next year

Virgin Galactic tickets do not come cheap
ByMadeeha HussainMonday , 18 November 2019
You won't believe how much Dubai residents paid to fly into space next year
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A few lucky residents from Dubai are set to become space visitors after purchasing flight tickets from Virgin Galactic. 

Aleanna Crane, head of communications at Virgin Galactic said "We have just over 600 customers signed up for our flights and they represent 60 countries. One of the countries represented is the UAE, some of them are from Dubai."

When asked about the demographics of the UAE customers, she said: "It's a massively diverse group and they represent different countries."

The 90-minute flight into space costs $250,000 [Dhs918,125.00] per person and will give passengers a few minutes of weightlessness. The firm has also launched spacesuits for its private passengers, and they are on display at this year's Dubai Airshow. The future astronauts have already started planning for their flight to space.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, even signed the spacesuit during his visit to the event on Sunday.

The Under Armour suit includes a base layer for temperature regulation and comfort. On top of it is the spacesuit that has several personalisation features; a button to communicate with other astronauts on board and the pilot; space boots; mission patch; and a space for a country's flag.

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