Sony Middle East Laptop Launch

The new Vaio has landed and we're all about the pink
Sony Middle East Laptop Launch

A laptop in ‘50s-inspired retro pink? It’s enough to make a girl fall in love with her computer!

Sony has launched its new Vaio E Series laptops in the Middle East and as self-confessed techno geeks we're getting exciting about all the amazing technical features: second-generation Intel Core i5 Processor and AMD Dual-Core Processor, anyone? How about AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics, not to mention Flick, Tap and Scroll navigation at the touch of a button (well, two buttons, actually: Fn + F1).

As well as this beyond-cute prom-dress pink, there’s super-glossy white and chic matte black. And all of them have a fashion-forward geometric pattern on the lid. We just need to decide whether to pick the one that goes with our shoes or coordinate with our handbag.

INFO: Available from Jumbo and other leading electronics stores, priced from Dh2,495.