Sonia and Fyza

Sonia and Fyza

20 Nov 2019

The Dubai-based lifestyle bloggers launched their own clothing line this year

•Our highlight this year was selling out our clothing collection in collaboration with Missguided within the first 48 hours worldwide!

•Women in general are what we look up to – the hard work and sacrifices they make. The female empowerment movement is very special for us.

•Never rush into things. We’ve learned not to be hasty. Patience brings the best rewards.

•We discuss the topic of sustainability on our Instagram Live quite often. Making a difference starts with one individual. We have strong opinions about this subject and it’s something we like to bring up in conversations. We do what we can to help and like to recycle and hope there is more awareness on this topic in the region.

•Influencers should be aware and more vocal about the topic, as we are big on setting trends. This could be a huge start to something amazing if we discuss this with our audience. Having inputs with the brands we collaborate with could be a great start.

•We love the UAE, because it offers safety to women and as well as amazing opportunities for all.