Sharjah man: 'Yes, I killed my own mother'

He lived with his dead mother for TEN DAYS until police discovered the body!
ByHend FadelTuesday , 03 November 2015
Sharjah man: 'Yes, I killed my own mother'
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A man has admitted to killing his mother in cold blood

A Gulf national in Sharjah confessed to killing his own mother because "she was dealing in witchcraft and God asked me to kill her because of that".

The 29 year old confessed in court that he slit his mother's throat with a knife in her apartment in the Al Mamzar area. He waited for his mother to fall asleep, then sat on her chest, covered her mouth with his hand and used his right hand to slit her throat with a knife. 

The murder case was exposed on 7 June after the son caused problems in a grocery store underneath his building. He refused to pay for his groceries and threatened the owners of the shop with a knife. As a result, the shop owner locked him inside and called Sharjah Police, who asked for his ID. The man told police his ID was in his flat nearby. As they made their way inside the flat, the policeman could smell something highly unusual. He told the court: “There was a smell inside the flat and he was confused”. That was when police found the mother lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom of the apartment building.

The perpetrator told the court that he discovered his mother had been practicing witchcraft after finding pieces of paper with strange words on them. He also described finding other goods which were used in witchcraft. Prosecution said: "Not only did he murder his mom, but continued living a normal life for ten days while the body was still at home." Medical reports have since confirmed that the man is mentally stable and is responsible for his actions.

The man is currently standing trial in the Sharia Court of First Instance in Sharjah. According to 7Days Newspaper, the trial has been adjourned until a lawyer is assigned to defend him. 

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