Dubai meteor shower lit up the sky last night

UAE residents baffled after meteor shower grazed the atmosphere
ByAmeena NavabTuesday , 17 October 2017
Dubai meteor shower lit up the sky last night

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a meteor shower.

Many UAE citizens were stumped and astonished after witnessing a blazing trail in the sky on Monday just after 7.30pm. Various videos and photos of the spectacle had been posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Theories among the residents sprang up about whether it was a meteor, a space station or an unidentified flying object (UFO).

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However, Dubai Media Office tweeted that Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre has confirmed that it was indeed a meteor shower. General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) added that a meteor had entered the earth’s atmosphere and the blazing trail was the meteor splitting up as it burned. It also said that this a natural phenomenon that usually occurs in this time of the year, peaking by mid-October.

The meteor is suspected to be a crashing Russian space rocket called The Progress. According to the Dubai Astronomy Group the object was fallen space debris from a Progress rocket used to supply the International Space Station.

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Satellite tracking services also reported that the Progress module had made its final pass before re-entering Earth's atmosphere in the Gulf region and broke apart around 7.30pm UAE time, exactly the moment as a mysterious object was seen over the UAE.

Progress modules are used for sending cargo to space stations and after a time they crash into earth.

Dubai Astronomy Group said that the module that was seen yesterday is said to have been passed over Arabian Peninsula crossing UAE and Oman before finally crossing over the Indian Ocean.

Wouldn’t it have been crazy if it was actually a UFO and not a meteor shower? Looks like aliens are still farfetched.

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