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Find Out Who Alicia Keys is Collaborating With...

04 Sep 2016

You can expect an amazing song from this musical duo!

With both artists boasting amazing vocals, Charlie Puth and Alicia Keys are recording a song together.

The news comes after the We Don’t Talk Anymore singer was asked to help the Keys mentor on US talent show The Voice.

He says, “I have to respect the art and not give too much away, because we only want to show the finished product. I will say, though, that it was one of the most special song writing sessions I've ever had. It was a very humanistic process. It didn't feel like record labels put us together.”

The piano-playing pair also enjoyed playing Keys’ classic hit Fallin’ together, which Puth described as ‘pretty amazing’ – it’s not every day you get to jam with Alicia Keys herself!

Puth also has hopes of collaborating with his hero John Mayer, “I got the pleasure of meeting him a couple of months ago. I think he's fantastic. He's another Berklee (College of Music) cat. We stayed in the same dorm room, so immediately we had something to talk about. And I just love his chord changes and his knowledge of what goes into a record... We have a lot in common.”

There’s no stopping this singer and we can’t wait to hear his new track!