Social Stars: Demi Lovato, Jessica Biel and more

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ByCatriona RigneyTuesday , 15 November 2016
Social Stars: Demi Lovato, Jessica Biel and more
© Jessica Biel Instagram

“At least you waited to get home before snapping so you won’t almost go to jail.”

Well, this is definitely a dig at husband Justin Timberlake and his polling station selfie.

“Shhhhh forever!”

Goodbye, Rosewood. Goodbye, Pretty Little Liars. SOB.

“Why you would take make-up advice from this goon is beyond me.”

It’s true this isn’t the model’s finest moment – there’s burger juice on her bathrobe!

“Just knocking out Rocky (@officialslystallone)”

Demi is clearly a fan of the motto: go hard, or go home.

“Reading Nutshell by Ian McKewan while we wait for the dishwasher to finish rinse cycle.”

I’m glad Kate doesn’t let a little thing like housework get in the way of her reading or her workouts. Her dog looks slightly concerned, though.

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