Social media mega star Logan Paul is coming to Dubai!

The super influncer is making his first trip to Dubai to speak at the ITP Live conference soon
ByEllen KerryTuesday , 17 October 2017
Social media mega star Logan Paul is coming to Dubai!

When you talk about influencers, they don't come much bigger than Hollywood's Logan Paul who has a whopping 48million reach across the world. And we're lucky enough to be hosting him right here in beautiful Dubai! Social media superstar Logan Paul is to make his first ever appearance in Dubai, as a speaker at the ITP Live Conference taking place on November 12.

Logan Paul first shot to fame thanks to his creative genius using video sharing platform Vine. The 22 year old has now become one of the world’s most successful influencers, gathering fans from all over the world. He has even branched out into acting in television series and films. Logan's television work includes a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and a role in the mega LOLs comedy Weird Loners. He has also starred in a cool dystopian science fiction YouTube Red film called The Thinning.

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Want to know more? Well...

Back in 2015 Logan was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on Vine, with his six-second videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. Not bad, eh? And it wasn't just Vine he was winning at. By October that year his Facebook videos alone had more than 300 million views. We're pretty sure only our Auntie Cheryl watches ours on the regs...On Instagram Logan Paul is very funny and has close to 15 million followers. He's got nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, too.  He has even created his own clothing label Maverick, which has taken the US by storm.

He is basically a very, very busy guy.

Logan Paul is coming to Dubai

Despite this, Logan has found time in his major schedule to squeeze in a cheeky trip to the sandpit to share his secrets with us. Paul will take to the stage on November 12th, to discuss with BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil his tips on becoming a successful influencer, and how influencers are reshaping the media industry.

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Ahmad Bashour, General Manager of ITP Live, said: “Logan Paul is nothing short of a mega star in the world of influencing. His appearance in Dubai is a great chance for us to tap into the latest trends and insights in the industry from one its most transformative figures. We look forward to welcoming him to the city for the first time.”

Sheeraz Hasan, President of Sheeraz Inc – an implication company that works with influencers, added: “Right now, there is no one conquering the world of social media and influencer marketing better than Logan Paul. He has practically reinvented the industry single handed. Whether you are a big brand, big advertiser or just a budding influencer, this is the one guy who need to hear from.”

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