SO SAD! Puppy found in Al Ain covered in severe burns

Animal lovers, this story will really break your heart
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSunday , 02 August 2015
SO SAD! Puppy found in Al Ain covered in severe burns
© Linda Tedd

An abandoned puppy was reportedly covered in hot tar and was left outside an animal welfare clinic during the Eid weekend in Al Ain, suffering severe burns. Her injuries were so bad vets that were unsure if the underweight animal could even be treated.

They contacted Animal Welfare Al Ain, which arranged for the dog to be taken to a vet in Dubai, where she remains critically ill. Nevaeh, as the dog has been named, was sedated and given intravenous painkillers and an infusion pump overnight.

According to a report in The National, she had to be shorn of her fur to remove the tar, wrongly believed to be a cure for mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.

The clinic has since been inundated with offers of T-shirts, blankets, towels and bedding, as well as offers for a new home for Nevaeh from animal lovers in the UAE and as well as from France, Switzerland and the UK, according to the report.

Well-wishers have also apparently paid for her treatment by vet Dr Peter Jamorski, who was reluctant to speak of the dog’s survival chances. He was reported saying, “It is a very difficult case and every day is hard.”

We do hope Nevaeh recovers soon!

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