It is Snowing in Abu Dhabi

It is Snowing in Abu Dhabi

19 Jan 2015

...or was it hail? Either way, it's been a pretty weird weather day in the UAE

While Dubai usually gets the bulk of celebrities that visit the UAE, it appears that one very famous person has landed exclusively in Abu Dhabi - Jack Frost.

Inclement weather took the UAE by, er, storm today - but while Dubai got drenched and Ras Al Khaimah suffered flooding, it was Abu Dhabi that took the brunt of the bad weather, with thunderstorms and high cross winds lashing the capital city. And social media across the UAE was flooded with images of the highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi being coated with the white stuff - apparently for the first time since 2004, which had been only time in recorded history. And that was on a mountain-top.

So has it been snowing here? 'Yes', say loads of people on Facebook and Twitter. 'No', says the National Center of Meteorology & Seismology. It's actually the aftermath of a a freak hailstorm, which is still massively impressive; the hailstones were reported to be almost as big as a Dhs1 piece. Let's be careful out there, people..

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