The Smith Family Conglomerate

In turning their offspring into stars Will and Jada have a stronghold of the showbiz industry
Wednesday , 13 April 2011
Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith and Willow Smith
Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith and Willow Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith
Willow Smith
Willow Smith

This week it was revealed that Will Smithand son Jaden are teaming up once more on the big screen in a film produced by Jada, further proving the Smith family are fast becoming an entertainment enterprise. Will is an award-nominated actor, Jada is an actress, director, producer and singer, Jaden is an actor and his sister Willow has released a hit single.

While most celebs are determined to keep their kids out of the spotlight it seems Jada and Will are making it a family business with the Nutty Professor actress admitting she gave up her role as a singer with metal band Wicked Wisdom in order to help her kids launch their own careers. She claimed, “I was offered a tour with my band but Jaden was asked to film The Pursuit Of Happyness. He was seven and a half. Could I really let my little boy go and do a film without me being there? I cancelled the tour. I cancelled everything. I went to look after Jaden.”

Will is pairing up with his 12-year-old son again to help promote his career, with the new movie, which is still untitled, directed by M. Night Shyamalan set to centre around Jaden who’ll play a young boy roaming an abandoned earth with his dad. And with Jada as producer Jaden will be kept under a tight reign.

However, it’s not only Jaden who’s getting a helping hand. When asked about the meaning of her song Whip My Hair his 10-year-old sis said, “It means don’t be afraid to be yourself.” No doubt this is a line inspired by her mum who claimed, “I wrote a book for Willow and for her friends and for all the little girls in the world who need affirmation about being female in this pretty much masculine world. I want girls in the world to feel powerful”. Jada is also big on promoting her kids, she recently gushed about Willow, “I’m pleased to say my daughter will be putting out an album soon. So I am excited, and she’s pretty awesome!”

Some sources believe Will and Jada’s approach with their kids is based on their Scientology beliefs which suggest children should be treated like adults. Yet, their media domination has been criticised by many who have accused the parents of exploiting their kids. Jada retorted, “Our children are allowed to stay in the paradigm of being a child, they don’t have to become the breadwinners or become the complete emotional and physical focus that happens to many child stars.” Brushing off concerns that Willow could be heading for a meltdown due to her instant fame she said, “People overlook the fact that there are certain things you need to go through, it’s natural. If my daughter was going to do that, it would happen anyway. It is just a question of how extreme it gets. ”

So with the family all gainfully employed, it’s clear that the Smith firm means serious business...

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