Smart Snacks Needed

23 Apr 2012

I'm bored with my healthy lunches. Could you suggest some tasty, low-fat snacks?

Q: I’ve started taking healthy lunches to work. The only problem is I’m already running out of ideas. Do you have any suggestions for tasty, low-fat snacks? Shona, 32

Hala Barghout says: You should always make sure to have a balanced meal of protein, carbs, veggies and good fats. Ones to try include chicken breast and roasted vegetable tortilla wrap; quinoa salad with spinach leaves; couscous with fresh veg, chick peas and herbs and a side of yogurt, roast beef sandwich on rye with mustard and rocket leaves, or jacket potato with cottage cheese.

Hala Barghout BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Hala will sort out the facts from the fads.