Soon ambulances will be able to control traffic lights for faster transitions

And patient details will be sent to a virtual emergency room to provide faster treatment
ByNina StankovaThursday , 06 February 2020
Soon ambulances will be able to control traffic lights for faster transitions
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Ambulances in the UAE will be able to turn red traffic signals into green and beam patient details to hospitals and a virtual emergency room to provide faster treatment, thanks to a smart project launched by the health ministry.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, recently unveiled the first of its kind project in the UAE for the smart connectivity between the National Ambulance services and hospitals.

This was announced during MoHAP’s participation in the Arab Health 2020, which was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 27 to 30.

The new project comes as part of MoHAP’s endeavors to explore the healthcare future and achieve the objectives of the year of preparing for the next 50 years, the ministry said in a press release.

Under the new system, a caller would be able to locate the nearest available ambulance and choose the shortest possible route to the hospital.

The ambulance can access patient details through a database linked to the Emirates ID and beam the details to the hospitals and a virtual emergency room to ensure faster and more effective treatment en route to the hospital.

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