Slow Drivers to be Punished by UAE Traffic Authorities?

Slow Drivers to be Punished by UAE Traffic Authorities?

30 Jun 2014

Officials are considering reducing the margin between minimum and maximum speed limit

Slow drivers in the UAE, you could get punished! Traffic authorities in the UAE are considering penalising those who drive below the speed limit.

The Federal Traffic Council met at the end of June and discussed possible punishments for slow drivers as well as the proposal to reduce the speed margin between the maximum and minimum speed limit.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Dubai’s assistant police commander, said, “There is a need to increase the minimum 60kmph speed limit on motorways. The maximum limit is now double the minimum limit and this does not make sense.” He also added that many foreigners do not know what the minimum speed limit is.

Al Zafin explained that a large speed margin has been found to correlate with a high number of accidents and fatalities, and that many European countries have reduced the number of crashes by reducing the speed margin to a mere 15kmph.