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skyTran will Open in Abu Dhabi

30 Jun 2016

A futuristic way of getting around the city

Ride around Abu Dhabi in style with the skyTran, a revolutionising transport system that is set to open up in the future. The NASA Space Act company, skyTran Inc, will launch in the Middle East for the first time and it will be in the capital city of the UAE.

The computer-controlled "jet-like" vehicle will use a magnetic levitation instead of the usual use of wheels. The patented high-speed, low-cost, elevated PRT system build at the NASA Ames Research Centre, will have cars zipping above traffic along magnetic lines from one destination to another across the land.

It'll feature on Yas Island and will eventually link to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Mohamed Abdulla Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral, said: "Innovation remains at the heart of what we do on Yas Island. While we continue to build world-class destinations and expand Yas Island, it is imperative that we are able to implement an urban transportation solution which is not only energy efficient but also adds another level of excitement to our visitors' experiences."


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