Get rid of your dull as the desert complexion
Monday , 25 April 2011
Dior Hydra Life Rehydrating Mask, Dhs209

Skin resembling Kate Moss’ in her Pete Doherty days? Chances are, you’re scrimping on sleep and skimping on the H2O. According to skin experts at Cosmetology Middle East, your skin cells naturally renew themselves every 21-30 days until the age of 27, but then renewal gradually slows down. As if that’s not bad enough, the renewal rate takes even longer when you don’t get enough kip and water. “For that lovely luminous look, get eight hours of sleep a night, and make sure you include bursts of fresh air into your daily routine,” recommends Dr Nadine Pernodet from Estée  Lauder. “A simple break from your computer or a walk in the evenings can do the world of good as our skin needs plenty of oxygen to speed up cell renewal to keep it bright and luminous.” On the water front, eight cups a day is so last year! The new decade is all about drinking until your, erm, ‘output’ is a nice clear shade of pale.

On your beauty shelf: Missha Super Aqua Enzyme Peeling Softener, Dhs99, has a micro peeling technology, which produces oxygen particles that eliminates dead skin – use twice a day. Alternatively,                                                                          , intensely nourishes the most dehydrated skin – use once or twice a week.

In the salon: The Kaya Glow Facial is a nifty combination of microdermabrasion, which removes dead skin cells and rehydrates, stimulating cells beneath the skin’s surface, leaving it more radiant. An initial consultation costs Dhs200, followed by a 60-minute facial, Dhs350. Kaya Skin Clinic, (04) 336 9081.

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