The Skinny Specialists

T’Town’s secret weight loss gurus revealed…
Thursday , 06 December 2012
Celeb Fans: Gwyneth Paltrow
Celeb Fans: Gwyneth Paltrow
Celeb Fan: Naomi Campbell
Celeb Fan: Naomi Campbell
Celeb Fan: Kate Winslet
Celeb Fan: Kate Winslet
Celeb Fan Lily Cole and UAE Expert Dr Graham Simpson
Celeb Fan Lily Cole and UAE Expert Dr Graham Simpson
Celeb Fans: Rachel Weisz
Celeb Fans: Rachel Weisz
Celeb Fan Elle Macpherson and UAE Expert Lily Mueller
Celeb Fan Elle Macpherson and UAE Expert Lily Mueller

When our fave T’Towners want to get red-carpet-ready they don’t do it alone. Whether they need to ditch the pounds fast, beat the bloat, or get a youthful glow, they’ve got an army of experts on hand to make it happen. We’ve found the discreet doctors, nameless nutritionists, and tight-lipped trainers who make sure the stars look red hot in record time. We’ve got a few UAE numbers for you too, if you promise not to tell. Check these out…

Nishi Joshi
The Detox King
Celeb Fans:
Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow
Dr Joshi’s got celebrity clients queuing up for his advice. He whips them into shape with a 21-day detox, which he claims permanently changes the way your metabolism works. Prepare to initially ditch dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, tea, coffee, red meat, potatoes, tomatoes and all fruit except bananas. Random! Nishi’s clients are encouraged to eat raw and steamed vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish and sign up for colonic irrigations, acupuncture and reflexology. But it’s worth it for a stone in six weeks, right?
UAE Expert: You can do this diet at home with Dr Joshi’s book and sign up for local acupuncture and reflexology at a clinic like Abu Dhabi’s Gulf Chinese Medical Centre.
The Results: A stone in six weeks
INFO: Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox , 21 Days To A Healthier, Slimmer You  For Life, +44 20 7487 5446, Gulf Chinese Medical Centre, 02 634 3538,

James Duigan
: The T’Town Trainer
Celeb Fan: Naomi Campbell
Aussie trainer James Duigan is the man the models go to as runway season approaches. His London studio, Bodyism, uses an approach called Body Oracle to check hormones and work out where fat is being stored and why. Clients are then given an exercise and nutrition plan and even get text messages to keep them on the straight and narrow at home. James’ business partner Dalton Wong says, “We focus on fat loss and on creating lean muscle to boost the metabolism. Most clients lose around eight per cent of their body fat in four weeks. In 12 weeks, clients can drop two or three dress sizes.” 
UAE Expert: If you want to overhaul your body and mind, Amir Siddiqui’s your man. His gym, Symmetry, is Dubai’s newest boutique spot and Amir’s obsessed with kicking his clients into shape with his personalised wellness plans. Scary but effective.
The Results: Two or three dress sizes in 12 weeks.
INFO: Bodyism, +44 20 7581 1234,, Symmetry,

Elizabeth Gibaud
: The Facial Analyst
Celeb Fan: Kate Winslet
Elizabeth is the star’s fave naturopathic doctor and used facial analysis to help Kate Winslet shift her baby weight. Gibaud believes that by looking at the shape, tone and colour of the face and appearance of the tongue she can diagnose food allergies and intolerances and create a personalised diet and weight-loss plan. Kate swears it works and says she doesn’t even have to go to the gym! Be warned, fruit and sugar are completely banned to begin with, as is caffeine, but the plan’s designed for life rather than as a quick fix. Expect to ditch a stone in two weeks and to keep it off. “I don’t hold with size zero,” says Elizabeth. “My diets are for people to lose excess weight, not their curves.”
UAE Expert: No need, Elizabeth offers international consultations.
The results: A stone in two weeks.
INFO: Elizabeth Gibaud Clinic, London, +44 2070 792690,

Dr Daniel Sister
: The Hormone Hero
Celeb Fan: Lily Cole
Dr Sister gets supermodel Lily Cole and a host of other celeb clients skinny by focusing on their hormones. He believes that hormones impact both how easily you put on weight and where you store it, and that many women have too much oestrogen in their system, resulting in muffin tops and thunder thighs. After taking blood samples, Dr Sister prescribes hormones in a process known as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to rebalance, in adition to giving dietary advice. BHRT is also used as an anti-ageing treatment, but very few T’Towners will admit it’s the secret to their youthful appearances. Spoilsports.
UAE Expert: Dr Graham Simpson at Dubai’s Eternity Medicine Institute is an expert in BHRT and uses hormones to help his UAE clients shape up and stay young. At the moment, EMI is the only clinic in the UAE to offer this treatment.
The Results: Long-term weight loss and a younger appearance.
INFO: Eternity Medicine Institute, 04450 8181,

David Marshall
: The Body Doctor
Celeb Fans: Rachel Weisz, Lily Allen
Ever wondered how Rachel Weisz got her knock-out bod? It was the work of David Marshall, aka The Body Doctor. Rachel revealed, “When I needed to get in shape for a film, he took me safely down from a size 12 to size eight in just six weeks. David’s programme has made me amazingly fit, and much smaller.” Sold! David’s six-week plan involves a mix of cardio, free weights and a low-sugar, wheat-free diet. He promises we can ditch up to three dress sizes and up to a stone in weight.
UAE Expert: If you’re looking for a full body overhaul in the UAE, hit the Health Factory in Dubai. They offer eight different healthy meal programmes for men, women and children. While they focus primarily on diet advice and meal delivery, each programme is designed to run alongside a personalised exercise plan.
The Results: Up to two dress sizes in six weeks.
INFO: The Body Doctor, +44 20 7586 622, The Health Factory, 04 347 3808,

Amanda Griggs
: The Bloat Beater
Celeb Fan: Elle Macpherson
T’Town’s London-based celebs have Amanda on speed dial when they’re burnt-out and bloated with a big event or beach holiday coming up. Based at the Balance Clinic in London’s swanky Chelsea, Amanda focuses on fixing poor digestion, which can lead to bloating, with a three-day cleanse and colonic treatments. Her programme involves a detox diet of juices, fruit and veg as well as up to three colonics and sometimes acupuncture or lymphatic drainage to help the body ditch retained water. Amanda’s clients lose up to eight pounds in three days.
UAE Expert: Lily Mueller is a nutritionist and Colon Hydrotherapist at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre (DHTC) and can create a T’Town-style personalised detox programme for you. If Lily can’t get you a flatter tum, nobody can! 
The Results: Eight pounds in three days.
INFO: DHTC, 04 335 1200,