Six Trophies for Audi

The German car brand was the most successful at the recent Autozeitung magazine’s ‘Auto Trophy 2014’
ByFrancesca MoserMonday , 05 January 2015
Six Trophies for Audi
Audi A3

The world renowned four rings brand triumphed at the recent ‘Auto Trophy’ competition, which is held each year in Ingolstadt/Hamburg to recognize the best cars in all the different classes.

The Autozeitung readers selected the top cars among 205 models and 12 different categories and for the first time the survey was conducted internationally with 75,810 readers taking part from Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa.

The Audi A1, A3 and A6 won the first place in their respective categories, not to mention Audi’s general prizes as “Best Design Worldwide”, “Best Brand Worldwide” and the “Quality Trophy”, which recognize the quality and reliability of the brand.

Thanks to these new coveted awards, Audi has now won an impressive 63 titles since the ‘Auto Trophy’ competition was introduced.

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