Sit Down to Dinner in the UAE to Help Someone Stand and Walk Again

Sit Down to Dinner in the UAE to Help Someone Stand and Walk Again

25 Feb 2015

The Largest Online Dinner Party will Support Amputees in Africa

The people of the UAE are showing their kind hearted and charitable ways by adding exponential growth to the number of diners registered for the ‘BIG Dinner Party’ from all over the globe. The initiative, devised by UK-based charity 500 Miles, which supports amputees and others with mobility difficulties in Sub-Saharan Africa, is asking you to host a dinner party to raise funds and help someone less fortunate walk again. It works by pledging an amount of Dhs145 to be part of the web streamed BIG dinner, hosted by Fred MacAulay, a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe and at comedy festivals worldwide.

The BIG dinner is the brainchild of the charity’s founder, Olivia Giles, a quadruple amputee who lost her limbs after contracting meningitis in 2002. She said “The NHS provided my prosthetics for free and they have given me a second chance at life but people in many parts of Africa are not so fortunate. Even though an average artificial limb or limb support costs as little as Dhs1,000, many people will unnecessarily spend their lives in a wheelchair or worse, on the ground. By hosting or attending a dinner for the BIG dinner on 7th March, people will be helping to transform lives forever.

“We hope to raise Dhs2.9 million from the event. I realise that’s a lot of dinners but most people enjoy dinner with friends and family anyway and 7th March offers the chance to be part of this unique event, while offering life-changing help to people who are fighting to maintain their independence and make a fresh start.”

Several stars such as Colin Montgomerie, co-designer of the golf course at The Address Montgomerie Dubai; Nick Nairn, the youngest Scottish chef to win a Michelin star and the renowned crime writer, Ian Rankin have also come on board and will be auctioning a dinner date with themselves on the night.

To join in, all you need to do is register online and invite family and friends. You don't have to go to town with a five-course extravaganza, a take away would also be fine, or you could host a pot luck and get your guests to bring a dish. All you have to do is pledge an initial amount of Dh145 to register your dinner party, which entitles you to receive the links to the online programmes which you can watch with your guests.

As an added bonus for budding chefs, Nick Nairn added “This is a brilliant project, mainly for the difference the money raised will make but also in encouraging people to cook for others. For those dinner hosts who need a bit of help or inspiration, I’ll be providing regular online guidance, which will be exclusive to all those registered.”

INFO: To register, go to, or follow the initiative on www.facebook/thebigdinner2015 or Twitter @thebigdinner #thebigdinner