Single men being forced to move away from Sharjah area

Bachelors are being evicted to make space for families. Read the full story here...
ByShreya BhatiaSunday , 23 August 2015
Single men being forced to move away from Sharjah area
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Single men are being forced out of a Sharjah area

Hundreds of bachelors are being moved out of a Sharjah suburb after multiple complaints by residents over lack of privacy, noise and unruly behavior. According to reports, Emirati and expatriate families in the Samnan area have welcomed this decision.

Asian workers living in that area have been given a one week warning to comply with the ruling, before the municipality begins to cut their electricity and water supply.

According The National, Aqeel Al Mazroui, an Emirati legal counsellor said: “There have been many thefts and harassment cases in the area. Before it was a beautiful place shared between Emiratis and Arab families.” He further said that the men living there were mainly laborers who would park their large lorries close to the villas overnight, making it look like an industrial zone. He said: “They gather in the evening on the street and start playing cricket, creating noise and disturbance.”

Wael Zeyad, another resident, told The National: “Before, this area was only Emiratis now there are one or two families left.” He said that many families moved out of the area as more villas turned into accommodations for bachelors. Because of the large groups of men, he added that his wife does not leave the house in the evenings. “By the end of the day, this road is packed with people, they sit outside and sometimes in large groups,” said the 32-year-old.

According to the ruling, the worst buildings will be demolished. Better ones will be repaired and used by Emirati families in urgent need of housing.

Omar Al Shariji, the assistant director of Sharjah Municipality, told The National: “We have issued 275 warnings for bachelors living in the area. They are required now to visit the municipality to coordinate with them how they will move out of Samnan.”

A Pakistani worker who has to move out from his villa in Samnan said: “I live with 12 people. It’s good to live with your countrymen and cheaper than to rent alone. Now we are searching for a new place to live.” 

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