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Wednesday , 23 December 2009
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Few places in the world epitomise old-meets-new quite like Singapore. From the moment you set foot onto the island, you’re met with the modernity of skyscrapers and the history of traditional architecture all at once. And with an eclectic mix of ethnicities, there’s enough on this small Far Eastern island to satisfy any culture craving.

But don’t let Singapore’s size fool you. The island, which also includes 34 surrounding isles, has everything from nature reserves, to blissful beaches and even a thriving nightlife scene, making it an ideal destination for every kind of traveller.

For the animal lover, there’s only one way to start your day in Singapore and that is breakfast with the orangutans at Singapore zoo. Enjoy a lavish international buffet while being entertained by the loveable apes in a lush forest setting.

Next up, a walking tour of the island is a must. Singapore is famous for is its distinct ethnic neighbourhoods such as Little India and Little China. Take a walk through the streets and you’re likely to find a Chinese temple, a Muslim mosque, a Christian church and a Hindu temple within metres of one another.

With so many different cultures and peoples, you can be sure that when it comes to food, Singapore does not disappoint. Take a much needed lunch break at one of the island’s fabulous restaurants serving everything from Malay and Indian to Chinese dishes.

Also worth a visit is the world-famous Orchard Road. The bustling street is home to Singapore finest boutiques and restaurants, so it’s the ideal spot to find a fashionable street café and watch as the island comes alive after sunset.

While you’re there...

Night safari
A zoo and national wildlife park in one, the enchanting Night Safari is home to over 100 exotic species. When the sun sets over Singapore, the 40-hectare jungle is the perfect spot to watch the fascinating nocturnal animals come to life in their beautiful natural habitat.

A 30-minute ride on a low-slung bumboat lets you see Singapore’s transformation from a fishing village to a booming city. Get your fill of history in a unique and relaxing setting.

View from the top
Don’t miss the chance to see Singapore from the sky with a cable car ride. At 80 metres above sea level, the Singapore Cable Car gives you unparalleled bird’s eye views of the city centre, Singapore port and nearby isles.