Jennifer on stage when she was a contestant on American Idol

Simon's Support For Jen

27 Oct 2008

Cowell's message of sympathy to former protege Jennifer Hudson

Music mogul SIMON COWELL has sent his sympathies to JENNIFER HUDSON after her mother and brother were shot dead.

Cowell helped launch Hudson's career when she appeared on his American Idol show in 2004. She went on to win an Oscar for her performance in the musical Dreamgirls.

And he has spoken of his sorrow after her mum DARNELL DONERSON and brother JASON were gunned down at the family home in Chicago on Friday.

He says, "What has happened is absolutely horrendous. My thoughts go out to Jennifer and all her family. This is absolutely horrible."

Jennifer's brother-in-law WILLIAM BALFOUR has been arrested over the double murder, and is being quizzed by cops. His seven-year-old son JULIAN KING - Jennifer's nephew - has been missing since the shootings.