Simon Cowell Rules out Having Kids

Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell has ruled out having children because he lacks the time and patience
Friday , 02 September 2011
Simon Cowell Rules out Having Kids
Simon Cowell

The star, who is engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan
Hussainy, admits he has always wanted to become a father, but as a 51-year-old
music and reality TV mogul, he isn't convinced he'd be a good dad with his
hectic lifestyle.

He tells GQ magazine, "Truthfully, with the
schedule, the crazy hours, I don't think it would work... With the way I live
my life, I wouldn't have the patience. I'd sort of want people born at the age
of 10.

So who will inherit the mogul’s millions? Apparently, the
reality TV star plans to leave his entire fortune to charities benefiting
children and animals. "Leave the whole lot to charity. That makes sense,”
says Cowell. “You can enjoy it while you've got it, and then it's gone to good
causes afterwards."

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