Silvena Rowe

The chef pioneering healthy eating in the UAE
Monday , 21 March 2016
Silvena Rowe
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Silvena Rowe
• My ambition and my passion for innovation in culinary art is what brought me to the UAE, and my work in the field of food is all about evolution and progression. Over the past year I’ve opened three new restaurants, Omnia by Silvena, Omnia Glow and Omnia Baharat.
• The Islamic scholar, Rumi, said, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” I see both my father and my husband and their unconditional love, as key influences in my life. 
• Generally speaking, I don’t take days off, and my day will typically start early with matcha tea, an hour’s walk on the beach, and then an anti-oxidant smoothie and chia seed porridge at Omnia Gourmet, followed by meetings and some work in the kitchen. Lunch is some sort of raw food and then I have an afternoon sleep before spending the evening at any one of my restaurants.
• I love the UAE for its culture, religion, prayer calls, people and sun, but most of all for its sense of progress and the speed at which you can make things happen. I like to think that I’m still learning, and that life so far equals just a page of what is yet to come. 
Instagram: @omniabysilvena