Silkor Slimming Treatment

The one with the sucky-hoover machine
Monday , 25 April 2011
Silkor Slimming Treatment

Best for: For those that want to concetrate solely on their stomachs and thighs.

Duration: They are split into two 40-minute parts. So an hour and 20 minutes altogether.

Session required: It's advised to have around 15 sessions.

Price: Dhs2,000 for 15 sessions.

Do it at: A Silkor Centre. Visit for your nearest centre.

Warning: this treatment is not for the fashion conscious. Split into two 40-minute parts, I’m first shoe-horned into a full length, skin tight body stocking (where I resemble a mime artist) while the therapist runs what looks like the attachment to a hoover over my body. This process is called endermologie, and it works by creating a ‘sucking’ feeling on your skin that activates blood circulation and flattens out dimples. Sounds painful; it’s actually relaxing. Next, I’m velcroed into some high waisted fisherman’s wader trousers for a stint of ‘pressotherapy’ – said trousers are inflated and repeatedly tightened around my legs and stomach (feels like when you have your blood pressure taken on your arm, but over your whole body). It feels strange, but doesn’t hurt and I watch TV throughout. Post-pressing, my waist does appear more defined and my thighs less ‘cottage cheese’ and more ‘contoured’.

The verdict? I’d wear a bikini to work if it wouldn’t get me arrested.