Sienna swapping handbags for backpacks

She’s taking a break for a budget trip around the world
Thursday , 04 February 2010
Sienna swapping handbags for backpacks
Sienna Miller's around-the-world budget trip

Celebs are normal people too, you know!

Just look at Sienna Miller. The Alfie actress is doing what any regular 20-something would do, she’s going on backpacking around the world (how long she’ll last is anyone’s guess).

After spending a lavish holiday in Barbados this Christmas, with rumoured on-again boyfriend Jude Law, Miss Miller has decided to ditch luxury and her acting career (and possibly even Jude) for a while to travel around the world, roughing it out in hostels and living out of her backpack (a Balenciaga one, no doubt).

She tells Britain's Stylist magazine, "I'm going to travel at some point - with a backpack and three-quid-a-night hostels. It's a good thing to do at this point in my life. You get to a point where you're living to work, not working to live. I want to try and enjoy the benefits of what I've worked so hard to achieve.”

Umm, Sienna? Don’t people work hard and achieve fame so they don’t have to stay in ‘three-quid-a-night hostels?

We salute your attempt at humility nonetheless!